You should see your Grandchildren now…

They are four amazing young men and one amazing young woman. I’m proud of them all and feel privileged to have raised some of them and be very proud aunt to the others. One of them became a dad himself and he is an incredible one. Your great granddaughters would just delight you and I now know for myself how amazing it is to be a grandmother.
Sometimes I catch you in my son’s mannerisms, one in particular reminds me so much of you.
I’m not sure how this all works but I have a feeling you know all this anyway.


About pogostemon

Glass half full, contradictory, passionate, music obssessed, been there, done that, foodie, whisky loving, cake making, reader of many books, would be herbalist, Mother of three amazing sons, partner of their equally amazing father, proper gardener, Paris obssessed, Mother in Law, Granny, soapmaker, perfume blender, cottage dweller with a penchant for big cities and harmonies both ragged and exquisite who wants to make the world smell a little better. Oh and I like to sing.
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